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Seeking Treatment For Scoliosis Portland Oregon?

If you’re seeking treatment for scoliosis Portland Oregon to try and avoid scoliosis surgery for you or your child then you should first learn what’s important to include for the successful treatment of scoliosis. Only then should you begin the process of looking for the right doctor.

6 Key Elements to Seek in Non-Surgical Scoliosis Treatment

1. Scoliosis Treatment Backed by Research
While there are many other types of alternative treatments for scoliosis in the market place, some are better than others. Few are as highly researched as ours. Patients who tend to do their homework before deciding on care tend choose us because our methods and equipment is research based. Just take a look at our site and you will see the research that backs it up.

SOSORTClick her to Learn More About the Research Behind Our Methods for Treatment near Scoliosis Portland.
In fact, our non-profit organization Scoliosis Care Foundation was started foster scientific research into the causes, earlier detection and non-surgical treatments of scoliosis. Our FREE Parent’s Guide to Scoliosis was designed as a source to help you become more familiar with scoliosis and evidence based scoliosis treatment options.

2. Specific Scoliosis Exercise Treatment

A key distinction to be made about scoliosis exercises verses almost all other types of exercise is that scoliosis exercises MUST be done unilaterally in a specific direction, while most other exercises are taught bilaterally. This is important because scoliosis is a unilateral rotation dysfunction that requires specific rehabilitative exercises in only one direction that corrects the rotation of the spine. Doing the same exercises in the other (wrong) direction will cause the patient to fall further into their curves and can actually worsen your curvatures!

That is why most other exercises for scoliosis fail to provide correction and why we recommend only one system of therapeutic exercise called the Schroth Method. These specifically designed scoliosis exercises were originally developed over 80 years ago in Germany for the treatment of scoliosis and continue to be the Gold Standard in Europe today.

Our Doctors are among a handful of Schroth Certified Instructors in the United State that can provide you with these highly specialized exercises to treat your scoliosis symptoms.

3. Specialist Certified In Scoliosis Treatment

When you are facing the possibility of surgery for scoliosis, it’s no time to fool around. Find a specialist who is Certified and treats scoliosis regularly.

Our doctors all have advanced training and certification in a variety of specialized scoliosis treatments. Dr. Deutchman and Dr. Lamantia were among the first Certified Providers of SpineCor, the soft, dynamic tension brace with a unique design that encouraging corrective movements in the spine. Initially developed for adolescents but was later adapted by them to work for adult scoliosis too. By helping thousands of patients with scoliosis symptoms they have become most experienced SpineCor Providers in the U.S.

The actress Ashley Argota who plays Lulu on the hit TV show “True Jackson VP” on Nickelodeon is a satisfied patient of Scoliosis Systems. See what she has to say about her experience with SpineCor and our scoliosis exercises.

Our other patients have had similar experiences, to see more of our patients discuss their scoliosis treatment go to our YouTube Channel, to see over 70 of patients having had success with their scoliosis.

4. Latest Advanced Technology for the Treatment of Scoliosis Related Conditions

Although idiopathic scoliosis does appear to have a variety of causative factors but recent advances in the understanding of scoliosis in the field of pediatric neurology has brought some profound understanding of an underlying neurological factors for certain types of scoliosis.

Recent studies implicate misalignment in he upper cervical spine as playing a role in some scoliosis. When the top vertebra in spine called the Atlas gets moved out of it’s normal position it causes pressure to the underlying brainstem and cerebellum that can adversely affect their function. Since these areas of the brain and spinal cord greatly influence balance of postural muscles of the spine any pressure on them can actually worsen scoliosis symptoms. Thus, addressing these misalignments becomes paramount in helping reduce the scoliosis curvatures

Atlas Orthogonal (AO) is the treatment of choice for this type of misalignment in our offices as it is an effective, highly researched and painless technique. Precision X-rays calculate the alignment of the vertebra of the upper cervical spine. If there appears to be any misalignment of the Atlas that may be contributing to your scoliosis then it is gently re-aligns it by using a minutely pulsed Orthogonal device.

5. Minimize Exposure to Harmful Radiation

In order to properly monitor the progress of scoliosis x-rays are needed so exposure to radiation cannot be fully but it can certainly be reduced significantly. To do this we also utilize an advanced imaging technology called the Formetric Rasterstereography. Developed in Europe for over 20 years ago it has been used by research universities because of its accuracy and is used in many orthopedic centers to monitor scoliosis and can reduce your x-ray exposure by as much as 75% over the course of your care!

6. A Variety Scoliosis Treatment Options

Since scoliosis has a variety of known causes it only makes sense that a variety of treatments would be needed in order to address each cause. It’s critical to avoiding surgery that your doctor understand the different causes and offer a wide variety of solutions with a comprehensive scoliosis treatment approach.

If you are looking for a treatment center for scoliosis Portland and you want to know if your particular scoliosis condition might be helped by one of our many research backed treatment approaches then contact us for FREE Phone Consultation with one of our doctors. They will gladly discuss your case with you to see if one of our non-surgical treatment options might be right for you.



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