SpineCor Scoliosis Brace Clinical Results – (Euro Spine 2004)

A European Study that examined the long term Treatment Outcomes with a SpineCor the dynamic scoliosis brace showed that after 2 years of stopping the use of the brace a follow-up of patients still demonstrated an overall correction of greater than 5° for 55% of the patients. While another 38% had continued stabilization of their curvatures. Only 7% had their curvatures worsen by more than 5° over that time. The results of this study proved that SpineCor provides an initial decrease in spinal curvatures for patients while in the brace and this correction is continued and stabilizes at the end of treatment and has been shown to be maintained at a 2 year follow-up.

Conclusion : This study indicates that the dynamic SpineCor brace clinical results show an efficacy of 93% for stopping the progression of scoliosis curvatures!