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Innovative Non-Surgical Treatment for Scoliosis – SpineCor Scoliosis Brace

Scoliosis affects over seven million individuals in the United States alone. This condition usually shows up during early adolescence when the body is going through significant growth spurts that cause the spine to grow along an unnatural angle of curvature. Untreated, this condition can progressively worsen and cause a variety of problems. In adults, scoliosis is responsible for a range of cosmetic problems, such as uneven hips and shoulders, as well as respiratory issues and chronic pain.

One of the most invasive treatments for scoliosis is surgery. The major surgery that involves fusing the spine using metal bars and pins. It carries all the risks of a major surgery and is the second most expensive surgery in the hospital, second only to heart surgery. For children, this surgery can sometimes problematic as it will effectively stop the child’s spine from growing so they often try and wait until the child reaches skeletal maturity before they do surgery.

The most common recommendation for scoliosis treatment in adolescents prior to surgery is nothing. Fortunately, recent innovations have made it possible to treat scoliosis at a much earlier stage, before it can do too much damage to the body that will require surgical correction. It is important to note that bracing as a treatment has existed before, but these traditional braces were hard outer shells that had to be worn by growing children.

Traditional braces completely immobilize the patient’s torso. This can lead to a host of problems on its own, such as decreased body awareness, muscle weakness, and muscle atrophy. Due to how difficult these traditional braces were to endure, most doctors would wait until the curvature of the spine progressed beyond 25 degrees before prescribing the brace as a corrective aid.

SpineCor – the “Un” Brace for Scoliosis

SpineCor brace, Dr. Chrisine Coillard, M.D., Dr. Charles Rivard, M.D. Dr. Gary Deutchman, D.C., Dr. Marc Lamantia, D.C.

L. to R.: SpineCor Brace, Creators of the SpineCor brace Chirstine Coillard, M.D., Charles Rivard, M.D. Early Innovators of SpineCor for Adults – Gray Deutchman, D.C., March Lamantia, D.C.

SpineCor Brace scoliosis brace was developed by a team of orthopedic surgeons to treat idiopathic scoliosis in children. This dynamic brace is constructed out of three static components and a number of elastic bands. These bands are adjustable and can allow the doctors to tailor the treatment to suit a particular patient’s needs. There are many innovative benefits to using a flexible brace to combat scoliosis.

Because this brace does not impede the natural motion of the spine, the child can participate in a number of physical activities. Physical activity is crucial to healthy development of the skeletal and muscular systems. In addition to that, the patient can also participate in therapeutic scoliosis exercises, such as Schroth Exercises designed to strengthen spinal muscles and help correct the adverse effects of scoliosis.

This flexible brace can be used as early as 15 degrees of curvature. In addition to that, its lightweight flexible design means that it can easily be worn under clothing. This is particularly important to a growing child’s social needs, but also important to adults with scoliosis. In fact, the SpineCor brace is the only brace on the market that has been proven effective even among adults who suffer from scoliosis.

SpineCor Brace for Adult Scoliosis

SpineCor Adult Scoliosis Brace



Research has shown that a combination approach of flexible bracing with the SpineCor brace and specific scoliosis exercises like the Schroth Method have been proven to be over 96% effective in stabilizing, reducing the symptoms and improving the cosmetic effects of scoliosis on the body.



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